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Pictured left to right: Ron Baker, Chief of Operations at Kunes RV, and Sue Vock, Development and Events Manager at Autism Society of Southeastern Wissconsin
Text reads: Kunes Camper Convos; Sue Vock talking about Autism Awareness Society

Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin

Published on Apr 26, 2024 by Talia Mushinsky

Kunes Car Convos: Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin and the Midwest Passage Class B Mini-Van

In this convo...

  • 1:44 - What is ASSEW? 🤔
  • 5:37 - A society making strides together 🚶‍♂️🤝
  • 8:32 - More Gala details! 🎉
  • 12:17 - The most important thing 🌟

Welcome to another episode of Kunes Camper Convos! Today, we're thrilled to spotlight a remarkable organization—the Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin (ASSEW). Nestled in front of the cozy confines of our Midwest Passage Class B Mini-Van, Ron Baker, Kunes RV’s Chief of Operations, sits down with Sue Vock, the dedicated Development and Events Manager at ASSEW, to discuss their inspiring work and upcoming events.

A Gala Like No Other: Reimagine Autism 2024

Get ready for an unforgettable evening! ASSEW is gearing up for their Reimagine Autism Gala, set for June 15th, 2024, at the Baird Center in Milwaukee. This event is especially significant this year as ASSEW was chosen over 100 other nonprofits to host up to 500 guests at this prestigious location.

This year's theme, "Reimagine Autism," challenges us to envision a world where everyone on the autism spectrum is fully included and accepted—a timely theme as the number of diagnoses continues to rise each year.

The Gala Event: A Night to Remember

The Reimagine Autism Gala isn’t just a fundraiser—it’s a celebration of life and neurodiversity. Highlights of the night include a silent auction, a live auction, a cocktail hour, and a dance party featuring DJ Shawna, the official DJ of the Milwaukee Bucks. It's an evening where the community comes together to support and uplift each other.

Empowering Through Education and Support

For nearly five decades, ASSEW has been a cornerstone for families and individuals affected by autism across nine counties, covering 38% of Wisconsin’s population. Their mission is simple yet powerful: educate, connect, support, and advocate for those on the autism spectrum. 

Here's a quick look at the main initiatives that make ASSEW a vital part of our community:

  • Education: Raising awareness about what autism really is.
  • Resources: Connecting individuals to local support and services.
  • Support: Ensuring families know they are not alone.
  • Community: Building networks between families who can share their journeys and solutions.
  • Advocacy: Championing the needs of the community in schools, workplaces, and beyond.
  • Building Connections: Support Groups and More

ASSEW offers a range of support groups for both parents of children with autism and adults who have been diagnosed later in life. These groups provide a safe space to discuss experiences and share insights, which is invaluable as understanding of autism continues to evolve.

Join the Cause: Volunteer and Make an Impact

There’s always a need for more hands and hearts. Whether you’re interested in volunteering at the upcoming bike camp for kids with autism from July 29th to August 2nd or helping out at Superstar Saturdays art camps, your involvement can make a real difference. 

ASSEW is also actively seeking donations and partners to help sustain their impactful programs.

Why Community Matters

In Sue's words, the most crucial aspect of living with autism is the desire for inclusion. Families facing autism challenges don’t want to remain isolated; they seek to be active, appreciated members of their community. Simple acts of kindness and understanding can profoundly affect their lives, making them feel welcomed and valued.

Learn More and Get Involved

The Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin is not just supporting individuals with autism; they are transforming our community into a more inclusive, understanding environment. To learn more about their work or to get involved, check out ASSEW’s website or reach out to see how you can help.

At Kunes RV, we are proud to share these stories of hope and resilience. Stay tuned for more from Kunes Camper Convos, where we bring the community closer to you. Together, let’s drive change and foster acceptance for all.

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