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DELAVAN, WI (January 23, 2024) – In a bold move that challenges traditional norms in the RV industry, Kunes Auto & RV Group, a prominent automotive dealership with over 40 locations across the Midwest, is set to revolutionize the RV ownership experience with its groundbreaking Camp Critical Program. Spearheaded by Ron Baker, the new head of the RV division, this innovative initiative not only addresses common industry challenges but positions Kunes as a disruptive force in the traditionally conservative world of recreational vehicles.

Camp Critical Program Overview

Kunes RV's Camp Critical Program introduces three groundbreaking initiatives for 2024, each designed to redefine customer service standards and disrupt the status quo.

"No Drop" Express RV Service

Kunes Auto & RV Group's revolutionary "No Drop" Express RV Service is a bold departure from the time-consuming practices that have defined traditional RV service. This groundbreaking initiative is designed to alleviate the inconvenience and frustrations that RV owners often face when their vehicles require maintenance. Unlike conventional methods where trailers are disconnected from the towing vehicle, the "No Drop" service allows for on-site repairs without the need to unhitch.

In essence, Kunes is redefining the rules of RV maintenance by challenging the status quo. This innovative approach is a game-changer for RV enthusiasts who, in the past, had to endure the cumbersome process of unhitching their trailers, leading to extended service times and disrupting their travel plans. With Kunes' mobile vans equipped for on-site repairs, the entire service experience becomes more efficient, minimizing downtime and maximizing the time owners can spend enjoying their RV adventures.

The traditional model of RV maintenance often involves transporting the vehicle to a service center, leaving owners without their cherished RVs for extended periods. Kunes RV recognizes that time is of the essence for avid travelers, and the "No Drop" Express RV Service aligns with their commitment to providing a service experience that is both swift and hassle-free. By offering the convenience of on-site repairs while the trailer is still attached to the towing vehicle, Kunes is setting a new standard for customer-centric service in the RV industry.

This forward-thinking initiative not only saves time but also enhances the overall customer experience. RV owners can now seamlessly continue their camping experience with minimal interruption, knowing that their maintenance needs are being addressed promptly and efficiently. Kunes Auto & RV Group's commitment to disrupting the conventional approach to RV maintenance through the "No Drop" Express RV Service demonstrates a dedication to putting the customer's convenience at the forefront of the RV ownership journey. With this innovative service, Kunes is not just servicing RVs; they are transforming the way owners experience and enjoy their recreational vehicles.

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"You Didn't Break It? We'll Fix It"

In an industry notorious for prolonged repair times due to the bureaucratic hurdle of waiting for manufacturer approval, Kunes RV boldly takes a disruptive stance with its unwavering commitment to addressing warranty issues upfront. This strategic approach not only aims to reduce downtime for RV owners but also challenges the conventional practice of attributing delays to external factors beyond the dealership's control.

The traditional model in the RV industry often involves a lengthy process of obtaining manufacturer approval before initiating warranty repairs. This bureaucratic step, while intended to ensure adherence to warranty terms, can inadvertently inconvenience customers who are left waiting for extended periods. Kunes RV recognizes the frustration and inconvenience this can cause and, in response, proactively addresses warranty issues without the need for prolonged approval processes.

By choosing to take responsibility for warranty repairs upfront, Kunes RV transforms the customer experience. This disruptive stance goes against the norm, where dealerships may pass the blame onto external entities such as manufacturers or industry challenges. Kunes RV challenges this narrative by acknowledging that, at its core, providing excellent customer service requires taking proactive measures and not relying on external factors as excuses.

The commitment to addressing warranty issues upfront aligns with Kunes Auto & RV Group's overarching philosophy of proactive customer care. This approach not only showcases a dedication to customer satisfaction but also builds trust and confidence among RV owners. Customers may now experience faster turnaround times for warranty repairs, minimizing the inconvenience and disruption to their RV adventures.

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RV Help Run-through QR Code Sheet

Kunes RV's introduction of an innovative QR code system challenges the traditional learning curve associated with RV operation. By providing instant access to a comprehensive library of how-to videos for each RV, Kunes disrupts the conventional approach to customer education and post-purchase support. Kunes RV teaches you RV tips and RV basics whether you are  pros or an RV beginners in the following categories:

  • Leveling: Learn the ropes of leveling your RV to ensure a smooth and comfortable stay wherever you park.
  • Water Systems: From fresh water to waste disposal, our videos cover it all to keep your water systems flowing seamlessly.
  • Heating: Stay cozy during chilly nights by mastering your RV's heating system with step-by-step video instructions.
  • Cooling: Beat the heat by understanding how to effectively cool your RV, ensuring a comfortable journey.
  • Monitor Panel: Get to know your RV's monitor panel and keep track of essential information effortlessly.
  • Charging: Learn the ins and outs of charging your RV's batteries, so you're always ready for the next adventure.
  • Brakes: Ensure your safety on the road by mastering the operation and maintenance of your RV's brakes.
  • Generator: Stay powered up wherever you go by becoming a pro at managing your RV's generator.
  • Hitching: Make hitching and unhitching a breeze with our step-by-step guides and helpful tips.
  • Winterization / Dewinterization: Prepare your RV for winter and safely bring it back to life in the spring with our easy-to-follow videos.
  • Roof Maintenance: Keep your RV in top shape by understanding how to maintain and care for its roof.
  • Refrigerator: Master the art of keeping your food fresh and drinks cold with our refrigerator operation guides.
  • Slides: Learn the proper way to operate and maintain your RV's slides for maximum comfort.
  • Tanks: Manage your RV's tanks efficiently with our comprehensive tank operation and maintenance videos.
  • Stove / Oven: Become a culinary expert on the road with tips and tricks for your RV's stove and oven.

Ron Baker, COO of the RV Division at Kunes Auto & RV Group, emphasizes the disruptive nature of the program: "We're not just improving the RV experience; we're challenging the industry to think differently. The Camp Critical Program is about innovating in a space that has been traditionally resistant to change."

Kunes Auto & RV Group's Camp Critical Program is not just a series of initiatives; it's a disruptive force challenging the RV industry's traditional landscape. By prioritizing innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, Kunes sets itself apart as a trailblazer in a space known for its resistance to change. For more information about Kunes Auto & RV Group and to explore the offerings at your nearest RV dealership, visit kunesrv.com. Join Kunes on the journey to redefine RV ownership – where disruption meets excellence on the open road.

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About Kunes Auto & RV Group

Founded in 1996 in Delavan, Wisconsin, Kunes Auto & RV Group has grown to over 40 locations, defying the traditional landscape of the RV industry. Formerly known as Kunes Country, the company's motto – Faith, Family, and Giving Back – reflects its commitment to disrupting industry norms while employing over 1,800 people and donating 10% of its yearly net profits to local charities.

Kunes Auto & RV Group's disruptive approach is evident through numerous accolades, including multiple "Automotive News’ Best Dealerships to Work For" awards. By challenging conventional practices and fostering a culture of innovation, Kunes continues to lead the charge in reshaping the RV ownership journey.

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