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Why finance your RV?

RV Finance Lenders have made it faster and easier than ever before to apply for RV financing. See for yourself how simple and hassle free our RV Financing and Lending can be. Discover our flexible financing options for New & Used, Motorized & Towable, Large & Small, RVs and Travel Trailers. Have peace of mind in knowing we have the most advanced security features to protect your personal and confidential information. We understand how important it is to fulfill your RV dreams and we take great care to get you the best rate and terms possible.

Kunes RV makes obtaining financing on your new or used RV easy.

RV Financing Advantages

  • Longer Amortization
  • Flexible payment options
  • Competitive variable and fixed interest rates
  • Tax Benefits of Motor home Ownership
  • Reduce liability
  • Keep your cash
  • RV Finance Rebates
  • Lower Down Payment on your RV
  • Lower monthly RV payments
  • All loans are open – allowing you to pay off your RV purchase whenever you wish!
  • You will find that our select group of RV financing banks and lenders tend to have more attractive terms. They understand that RV’s maintain their resell values longer and can provide longer RV loan terms thus reducing your already low monthly RV payment.

RV Financing FAQs

Are there other factors that will determine what interest rate I get?

Yes, there are several factors that will determine the rate you get. It depends if the RV is new or used. A used RV (normally over 3 or 4 years old) will get a higher interest rate than a new RV. Your down payment will affect your interest rate. If you finance the RV on a zero down program the interest rate will be higher. The term of the loan will affect the interest rate. The shorter the term the higher the rate, the longer the term the lower the rate. The amount financed will affect the interest rate. The lower the dollar amount the higher the rate, the higher the dollar amount the lower the rate. Your credit history (credit rating or score) will affect the rate. The higher your credit score is the lower the interest rate will be.

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