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Camping Conundrum: Activities for the Kids When You Hear...."I'm BORED!" - Kunes RV Blog

Published on Aug 2, 2023 by Kunes RV Team

So, you’ve finally escaped the clutches of screens and gadgets, embraced the great outdoors, and are now enjoying the wonders of camping and nature. But, uh-oh, it seems like those little adventurers of yours are starting to get a tad restless, and that dreaded phrase has been uttered: “Mom, Dad, we’re bored!” Fear not….here is a treasure trove of fun-tastic, boredom-busting activities to save the day (and your sanity) during your camping escapades!

  1. Leafy Masterpieces: When boredom strikes, unleash your inner Picasso! Collect leaves, sticks, and rocks, and create the most majestic nature-inspired artwork. Who knew a pile of pinecones could become a masterpiece worthy of a modern art gallery?
  2. Bug Olympics: Yes, you heard it right – the Bug Olympics! Gather your buggy friends (please, no biting spiders) and create a series of thrilling events. Ant races, grasshopper high jumps, and caterpillar crawling competitions will have everyone cheering and laughing. And…okay. Maybe you can’t actually GET the ants to race or the grasshoppers to jump. BUT, you’ll be giving your kiddos a real-life experience that a game on your I-Phone just can’t provide.
  3. Campfire Tales with a Twist: Gather ’round the campfire, but this time, add a quirky twist! Each family member must make up the silliest, most absurd story possible. Bonus points for including talking squirrels, magical marshmallows, and a friendly dragon named Fluffy.
  4. Cloud-Shape Safari: Lie back on the grass, gaze at the clouds, and let your imaginations run wild. Can you spot a fluffy dragon cloud or a cotton candy castle in the sky? Get creative and share your cloud discoveries with the rest of the family.
  5. Nature Scavenger Hunt: Time to channel your inner detective! Create a list of natural wonders for your little explorers to find. A heart-shaped rock, a blue feather, or a perfectly round acorn can earn them extra points in this adventurous quest.
  6. Bear Grylls Survival Challenge: Oh yes, it’s time to unleash your inner Bear Grylls! Teach your kids essential camping survival skills like knot-tying, setting up a tent, and starting a safe campfire. They’ll be wilderness pros in no time! You can also set up an obstacle coarse in the woods to test their physical survival skills too.
  7. “Critter Charades”: It’s time to channel your inner critters! Act out animals you might encounter in the wild, and let others guess your critter character. Can you mimic a hopping bunny or a waddling penguin? Prepare for some hilarious family bonding!
  8. Rock Band Jam Session: Gather an assortment of rocks and sticks, and now you’ve got yourself a rock band! Name your band, create makeshift instruments, and give the world the most unconventional (and adorable) performance ever witnessed.
  9. S’mores Creation Contest: The classic s’mores are scrumptious, but why not take it to the next level? Challenge your family to get creative with s’mores ingredients – swap the chocolate for gummy bears or add a slice of banana! Taste-test each creation and crown the s’mores champion.

There you have it, my fellow nature enthusiasts! With these amusing activities, boredom will be nothing more than a distant memory during your camping adventure. So, grab your marshmallow-topped torches and embark on unforgettable family fun in the great outdoors. Maybe this list will even help you come up with your own boredom-buster. Remember, in the wild and wonderful world of camping, the only limit is your imagination! Happy camping, everyone! 🏕️🌳🔥

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