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Come SALE Away

Published on Nov 30, 2022 by Kunes RV Team

Come SALE Away
November 30, 2022 By Kunes RV

You walk into your favorite store and slowly glance around, taking in the expanse of shelves, racks, and products in front of you. And then you see it. Your heart skips a beat. You make your way, with excitement, to your favorite part of the store, trying to slow your pace so that you don’t look too eager.

You reach it-The Clearance Section.

Saving money is your “thing.” You’re on the hunt for the best deal. And the clearance section is where you know you’ll find one.

If glancing at your receipt at the end of a shopping trip and seeing the words You Saved with a big minus after them is the best part of your day, then you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find a list of our most deeply discounted trailers-some of which you’ll never see at our dealerships again.