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Comprehensive 50-Point RV Inspection by Kunes RV

Published on Mar 14, 2024 by Talia Mushinsky

Embarking on an adventure in your RV should be filled with excitement and joy, not the stress of unexpected breakdowns or repairs. That's why at Kunes RV, we've dedicated ourselves to ensuring your home-on-wheels is in tip-top shape before you hit the road. Our comprehensive 50-point inspection is designed to cover every nook and cranny of your RV, ensuring safety, functionality, and comfort. Let's dive into what our inspection entails and how it keeps your travels smooth and worry-free.

Structural Integrity and Exterior Checks

First impressions matter, and the exterior of your RV says a lot about its condition. Our meticulous checks include:


  • Body Inspection: We look for any signs of wear such as scratches, dents, or rust, ensuring your RV's body is in excellent condition.
  • Windows and Seals: A thorough inspection ensures all seals are intact, and there are no cracked windows, keeping the elements outside where they belong.
  • Roof, Awning, and Slide-outs: From the very top of your RV down to the slide-outs and awning, we check for leaks, damage, or wear and test the functionality of these critical components.
  • Leveling System and Exterior Storage: Ensuring your RV stands firm and your belongings are secure, we check the leveling system and storage compartments for proper operation.

Comfort and Interior Amenities

Your RV is your home away from home, and comfort is key. We examine:


  • Furniture and Flooring: We inspect every piece of furniture and the flooring for wear, damage, or stains, ensuring a cozy interior.
  • Operational Check on Doors, Windows, and Vents: It's crucial that doors, windows, and vents operate smoothly for ventilation and security.
  • Cabinets, Drawers, and Interior Walls: Every cabinet and drawer is checked for functionality, and walls and ceilings are inspected for any signs of leaks or damage.

Utilities and Appliances

Ensuring your RV is fully functional means checking on all the amenities that make your travels comfortable:


  • Electrical Systems: From interior lights to the generator and electrical system, we ensure everything is operational.
  • Water and Propane Systems: We test faucets, showers, and toilets for leaks, check the freshwater system, and ensure the propane system is leak-free.
  • Appliances: Your refrigerator, cooking appliances, water heater, and heating system are tested for proper operation.

Technology and Entertainment

Because entertainment is part of the journey, we verify the operation of:


  • Entertainment Systems: TVs, DVD players, and sound systems are checked to ensure they're ready for your movie nights and entertainment.
  • Satellite System and Solar Power: If equipped, we ensure your satellite system and solar power setup are operational, keeping you connected and powered up wherever you are.

Our 50-point inspection at Kunes RV is not just about preventing issues; it's about providing peace of mind. 

Knowing that every part of your RV, from the engine to the entertainment system, has been thoroughly inspected and tested means you can focus on enjoying the journey, not worrying about the destination. Ready to hit the road with confidence?


Visit Kunes RV for your comprehensive inspection today, and let the adventures begin!

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