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Ember RV-Sparking Interest in Adventure Camping

Published on Dec 6, 2022 by Kunes RV Team

Ember RV-It’s What’s HOT
November 16, 2022 By Kunes RV

What happens when the granddaughter of one of the most well-known RV manufacturers in the nation decides to bring fresh ideas to the industry? You get an Ember that is quickly growing into a roaring fire. And it’s a fire that you won’t necessarily find in your local campground either.

These robust, cutting-edge trailers are meant for life on the go. They aren’t just made to go off-road, but off the grid.

Three former Jayco executives, as well as Ashley Bontrager-Lehman, granddaughter of Jayco founders Lloyd and Bertha Bontrager, started this unique company during the throws of the pandemic. While camping was the thing to do when you couldn’t do anything else, starting a company during manufacturing shortages defied conventional wisdom.

Ember RV is anything but conventional. Their goal is to bring high-level functionality and combine it with “camping correctness”. That means, not only thinking about how _people camp, but _where. With that in mind, this RV is built differently. Unlike most stick and tin travel trailers, the Overland and Overland Micro Series are composed of steel and composite laminates. While that is a zealous undertaking in and of itself, you will also find that these trailers ride on independent suspensions-something unheard of under the typical towable trailer.

Because of those two things alone, the target market for these trailers is typically not your entry-level buyer. These Adventure Campers are a relatively new idea within the towable marketplace. Ember RV fills a niche market that was only previously filled by custom-built units or imports.

Unlike their imported counterparts, Ember’s materials are all domestically sourced. The construction boasts no wood except for the cabinetry and furniture. Everything from the chassis to the aluminum frame is built for those who are going to use it differently than a traditional RV.

If all of that has lit your proverbial fire for adventure, you’re in luck. Three of our Kunes RV stores are blazing new trails with the Ember RV line. You can find the Overland Series at Kunes RV of Elkhorn and both the Overland and Overland Micro Series at our Stoughton and Fox Valley stores. Click on the floorplans below to check out these unrivaled trailers.

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