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Coachmen Catalina Series 8 Travel Trailer, exterior shot

Experience the Great Outdoors with Coachmen Catalina Series 8 RV

Published on Dec 18, 2023 by Talia Mushinsky

We're thrilled to introduce the Coachmen Catalina Series 8, a marvel of modern RV design. Let's dive into what makes this RV a must-have for your adventures. Find your next Coachmen Catalina in our extensive inventory below!

🌟 Exterior Highlights: Designed for Adventure

  1. Electric Awning with LED Strip: Picture this: you're outside your RV, the stars are twinkling, and your electric awning with a multicolor LED strip sets the perfect mood. It's not just functional; it's a party starter!
  2. Clean and Fresh: The Black Tank Flush system is a game-changer. It keeps your RV smelling fresh, ensuring that your travels are as comfortable as they are exciting.
  3. Battery Disconnect Switch: This handy feature allows you to manage your RV's power with ease, saving energy and ensuring peace of mind.
  4. Siphon 360 Holding Tank Roof Vent: Say goodbye to bad smells! This innovative vent keeps the air in and around your RV fresh.
  5. Sturdy Tongue Jack & Dual LP Tanks: Maneuvering is a breeze with the Heavy Duty Standard Tongue Jack, and the dual LP tanks mean you're always ready for heating and cooking.

🏠 Interior Comforts: A Home on the Road

  1. RV-LINK 4G LTE Remote Connect: Stay connected wherever you roam. This feature ensures you're always just a click away from the world.
  2. Premium JBL Audio System: Whether you're inside or out, the sound quality from the JBL audio system is unmatched. It's like having a concert hall in your RV!
  3. Modern Kitchen Amenities: The GE Stainless 10.7 Cu. Ft. 12V Refrigerator and Deep Basin Farm Style Sink make cooking on the road a delightful experience.
  4. Elegant Flooring & Lighting: The Congoleum Woodplank Linoleum Flooring is not just beautiful; it's durable and easy to clean. And with LED interior lighting, the ambiance is always just right.
  5. USB Ports Galore: With USB ports in the bedroom and kitchen, your devices will always be charged and ready to go.

🔩 Construction & Equipment: Built to Last

  1. Cambered Structural Steel I-Beam Frame: The foundation of any great RV is its frame, and the Catalina Series 8's frame is robust and reliable.
  2. Insulation for Comfort: With R-7 Fiberglass Insulation, this RV is comfortable no matter the weather outside.
  3. Stylish and Durable Wheels: The Rugged Pro Black Steel Wheels aren't just tough; they add a dash of style to your RV.

🔒 Safety Features: Peace of Mind on the Road

  1. Comprehensive Safety Measures: From the Smoke Alarm to the Dead-Bolt Lock on the Entry Door, every aspect of your safety has been considered.
  2. SafeRide RV Motor Club: Travel with confidence knowing you have roadside assistance whenever you need it.

🌞 Optional Upgrades: Customize Your Experience

  • Enhanced Cooling and Solar Power Options: Make your RV even more comfortable and eco-friendly with optional upgrades like a stronger A/C and solar packages.

Explore trims and features for Coachmen's Catalina Series 8 Travel Trailers below.

Coachmen Catalina Series 8 Travel Trailers: Specs and Features

  221MKE 231MKS 261BH 261BHS 271DBS
Hitch Weight (lb) 606 658 515 646 862
GVWR (lb) 7,606 6,700 6,400 7,100 9,962
UVW (lb) 5,341 5,101 4,822 5,541 6,299
CCC (lb) 2,265 1,599 1,578 1,559 3,663
Exterior Length  25' 11" 28' 2" 30' 1" 30' 5" 33' 5"
Exterior Height 11' 1" 11' 1" 10' 7" 11' 1" 11' 1"
Exterior Width 96" 96" 96" 96" 96"
Fresh Water (gal) 44 44 44 44 44
Gray Water (gal) 40 40 40 40 40
Black Water (gal) 30 30 30 30 30
Awning Size 18" 18" 15" 15" 21"
Coachmen's Catalina Series 8 Travel Trailer 221MKE interior layout

221MKE Features

Get ready to be wowed by the Coachmen Catalina Series 8 Travel Trailer 221MKE! Imagine having your own space with a big queen bed to stretch out after a day full of fun. There's a cool spot to eat snacks and play games at the dinette, and you can watch cartoons on the TV right across from it. When you're hungry for a hotdog or a sandwich, the kitchen has a fridge and a microwave to make munching easy. Plus, there's a super neat bathroom with a shower, so you can get cleaned up after playing outside. And, check it out, there's even a big awning outside to give you shade when you're chilling in your camping chairs!

Coachmen's Catalina Series 8 231MKS Travel Trailer interior layout

231MKS Features

Step into the Coachmen Catalina Series 8 Travel Trailer 231MKS! This one's a real treat with its huge U-shaped dinette that's just right for having a meal with your buddies or family. Want to feel like you're in a movie theater? The special theater seating is the perfect spot to watch your favorite flicks. Snacks are never too far away with the kitchen close by, and when the day is done, you can jump into the super comfy queen bed for a great night's sleep. 

Coachmen Catalina Series 8 Travel Trailer 231MKS view from kitchen looking back towards the reclining chairs

Oh, and the outside of the trailer has this great big awning, giving you a cool, shady place to hang out when the sun's shining bright!

Coachmen Catalina Series 8 Travel Trailer exterior, with awning open and purple LED strip at the base of the awning turned on

261BH Features

Coachmen's Catalina Series 8 261BH Travel Trailer interior layout

Whoa, guys! The Coachmen Catalina Series 8 Travel Trailer 261BH is like a little house on wheels that's super fun! You won't believe it, but there are bunk beds where you can have a sleepover every night. There's a sofa to plop down on and tell stories or play games, and a dinette that's just the right size for coloring or chowing down on some pizza. When you need to cook, the kitchen's got everything, even a microwave for popcorn. And when you're ready to wind down, there's a queen bed that's oh-so-snug. Also, the large awning outside gives you a great space to play games without getting too hot in the sun!

Coachmen's Catalina Series 8 261BHS Travel Trailer interior layout

261BHS Features

Jump into the super fun Coachmen Catalina Series 8 Travel Trailer 261BHS - it's a blast! It's got an incredibly fun bunk bed area where you can have the most epic sleepover every night. Plus, there's a cozy sofa and a dinette that's perfect for making crafts or having a tasty lunch. Hungry? The kitchen's all set for your snack attacks and speedy meals. And guess what? There's an exclusive easy-access storage door, so grabbing your toys and gear for outdoor adventures is a breeze. 

Coachmen Catalina Series 8 Travel Trailer 261BHS view from kitchen looking back towards the bunkroom and bathroom

Plus, you can chill out under the huge awning or whip up a meal in the optional outdoor kitchen.

Coachmen Catalina Series 8 Travel Trailer 261BHS outdoor kitchen
Coachmen's Catalina Series 8 Travel Trailer 271DBS interior layout

271DBS Features

Check out the Coachmen Catalina Series 8 Travel Trailer 271DBS! It’s got these awesome double-over-double bunks where you and your friends can have a sleepover every night. There’s a big U-shaped dinette that’s perfect for making crafts or chowing down on your favorite meals. The sofa is a great spot to sit back and watch shows or read a good book. And guess what? There’s even a camper kitchen outside, so you can make snacks while you're playing in the fresh air. Plus, there's a huge awning for when you want to hang out in the shade! This travel trailer is like a fun playhouse on wheels! 

Coachmen Catalina Series 8 Travel Trailer 71DBSS view from kitchen looking back towards the loveseat and bunks

At Kunes RV, we believe in providing the best RV experiences. The Coachmen Catalina Series 8 is more than just an RV; it's a gateway to unforgettable adventures.


Visit us to explore this incredible model and start planning your next journey!

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