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Kunes RV Celebrates Compassion at Open Arms Clinic Gala - Get Involved!

Published on Nov 3, 2023 by Talia Mushinsky

Gregg Kunes is showing his support through his sponsorship towards the Open Arms Free Clinic's 11th Annual Birthday Gala. Let's dive into this wonderful story of community support and celebration!

A Gala to Remember - December 1, 2023

Mark your calendars for December 1, 2023! Sponsors and donors in the community are invited to the Grand Geneva Resort & Spa's Forum Ballroom in Lake Geneva, WI. This isn't just any gala; it’s a celebration of compassion and community health care. And guess what? Gregg Kunes has generously sponsored $10,000 towards this fantastic initiative!

Kunes RV Driving Positive Change

Kunes RV isn't just about top-notch vehicles; it’s also about driving positive change in our community. Our support for the Open Arms Free Clinic underlines a deep commitment to helping our neighbors in need. By sponsoring this gala, we're ensuring that vital health services continue to reach those who need them most.

Why This Event Matters

Proceeds from the gala will boost the clinic’s ability to provide medical, behavioral health, and dental services. These aren't just services; they're lifelines for many in our community. By joining in, we’re directly contributing to a healthier, happier Walworth County.

About Open Arms Free Clinic

Let’s take a moment to appreciate what Open Arms Free Clinic is all about. Since 2012, they've been the beacon of hope for the uninsured and low-income families in Walworth County. From primary care to managing chronic diseases, they do it all – free of charge for those who qualify. This clinic isn't just a building; it’s a sanctuary where compassion meets health care.

The Heroes Behind the Scenes

The clinic's heartbeat is its volunteers. These amazing individuals dedicate over 12,000 hours annually! In 2015, they welcomed their first paid Executive Director, further strengthening this incredible team. They're not just providing care; they're offering respect, dignity, and a sense of family to every patient.

Join the Movement

Feeling inspired? Want to be a part of this amazing event? Head over to their sponsorship page and see how you can contribute. Every bit helps in making a difference in our community’s health.

As we gear up for the Open Arms Free Clinic’s 11th Annual Birthday Gala, let's take a moment to appreciate the incredible work they do and the generous support from Gregg Kunes and Kunes RV. It’s more than just a gala; it's a celebration of community, compassion, and care.


Let's come together and make it a night to remember!

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