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Kunes Auto & RV Group Presents Car Convos: The Ford Expedition and Green Bay Packers' Lukas Van Ness - Kunes RV Blog

Published on Jul 13, 2023 by Kunes RV Team

We’re excited to bring you the fifth episode of our Kunes Car Convos series, where we chat with local figures while cruising in some of the finest vehicles of the year. This time, we are in a Ford Expedition Platinum with the Green Bay Packers’ 2023 1st round draft choice, Lukas Van Ness!

Our very own Advertising Manager and sports fanatic, Bobby “Bobby O” O’Neil picked up Van Ness on the way to a meet and greet with fans in Elkhorn, WI. From the minute the 6′ 5”, 272 pound Van Ness filled the seat of the Ford Expedition, he exhibited true Midwest charm and humility for the entirety of the conversation. Their conversation covered Van Ness’ growth (literally) from his youth to his first days as a Green Bay Packer, and even a peek into his personal life!

We Hope You Enjoy this Edition of Kunes Car Convos

Lukas Van Ness was quite the star in his short time playing defensive end for the Iowa Hawkeyes.. Watch Here 

Like many Packers/Bears fans in the area, Bobby O had to ask what team the kid from Barrington, IL, cheered for growing up. His answer might completely surprise you! Lukas also tells us about a unique connection between him and a current Chicago Bears starter!  

Van Ness discusses how his parents attended Iowa State University, the fiercest rival of his college team. He also shares his passion for hockey and reflects on his mentality as he enters his first year in the NFL, transitioning from a defensive end position he played throughout college to learning the linebacker position.

We want to wish Lukas the best of luck as he begins what we hope will be a long, healthy and successful NFL career for the Green Bay Packers!

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