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pictured left to rigth: Ron Baker, Chief of Opperations at Kunes RV, and Eileen Gailoretto, administrative assistant at Kunes RV.

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Kunes RV New 2024 Initiatives Update

Published on Apr 30, 2024 by Talia Mushinsky

Crafting the Ultimate Camping Experience with Kunes RV: Innovation and Customer Service at Its Core

In this episode...

  • 0:53 - What’s Camp Critical? 🏕️
  • 2:17 - No drop, no problem! 👍
  • 6:31 - It’s only up from here 📈
  • 7:02 - We will fail! 💪

Welcome to the latest edition of Kunes Camper Convos, where we delve into the exciting developments at Kunes RV. Recently, we caught up with Ron Baker, COO of Kunes RV, to discuss the progress and innovative steps the organization is taking to enhance the camping experience for every adventurer.

Innovations for a Seamless Camping Experience

Kunes RV is ushering in the camping season with groundbreaking initiatives designed to streamline and enrich your RV experience. As the temperatures rise and camping becomes the go-to activity, Kunes RV is ready to showcase their latest innovations that promise to make camping hassle-free and enjoyable.

One of the standout features is the introduction of "Camp Critical" tools. Imagine this: you're at the campsite, and you forget how to operate your RV’s heating system or need to level your vehicle. Kunes RV has you covered with their new digital tool. 

Every new RV owner will receive a card embedded with 15 different QR codes, categorized by RV functions like leveling, heating, and cooling. Simply scan a code, and you’ll be directed to a video tutorial right on your phone. These videos, crafted by Kunes RV’s own technicians, provide step-by-step guides to help you master your vehicle’s features.

The First-of-its-Kind Express Service Center

We have also introduced a revolutionary service at our Elkhorn facility—the first of its kind in the industry!


This No Drop Express Service Center allows you to drive through and receive immediate service without unhooking your RV. It’s like an express lane for RV maintenance! Whether it's a quick fix or ordering parts for more complex issues, this center ensures that you spend less time waiting and more time exploring.

Partnerships That Enhance Your RV Experience

Kunes RV has been working closely with manufacturers to ensure that every customer receives support especially in the critical initial months of RV ownership. The partnership has been so effective that manufacturers are using feedback from Kunes RV to improve their designs and reduce warranty issues, ultimately leading to a better product for you.

Feedback and Continuous Improvement

At Kunes RV, customer feedback is a cornerstone of our operation.


We actively seek it out and use it to refine services and products. Despite the occasional hiccup, we are committed to making improvements and evolving continuously, driven by our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Looking Ahead

We invite you to continue following Kunes RV's journey, as we promise more innovations and improvements aimed at ensuring that every camping trip is memorable. Stay tuned for more updates and stories of success from the forefront of RV innovation.

Ron Baker’s enthusiasm for customer-focused innovation shines through every new initiative at Kunes RV. Whether it’s through our pioneering express service or the instructional QR codes, Kunes RV is making sure that your RV is not just a vehicle, but a gateway to unforgettable adventures. 

So, load up, get set, and hit the road—the great outdoors awaits, and Kunes RV is here to ensure you enjoy every moment of your journey.

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