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Published on Jun 5, 2023 by Kunes RV Team

You’re sitting in your local Starbucks, having just paid $4.50 for your favorite hot drink.  You slowly sip the frothy goodness while staring out the tinted windows to the hustle and bustle of the city scene outside.  You glance at your smart watch.  Thirty minutes before you have to get to the office. 

You stare at the screen on your open laptop-a tranquil, wooded oasis with a trickling stream as your background.  You take a deep breath and sigh.  Yeah.  If only.  A Snapchat notification pops up on your phone and you open the app to see a picture of your friends around a campfire from this last weekend.  Everyone is smiling, feet crossed at their ankles, kicking back and relaxing.

Just the idea of being away from the craziness of the city causes you to relax a little in your seat.  Packing up the bare necessities and heading out from the concrete jungle to the great outdoors is a thought that you know is going to distract you for the rest of the day.

You gather up your screens and put them into your bag, vowing to find a way to get out camping without breaking the bank, having to buy a new vehicle or beg your in-laws to store a trailer in their driveway. 

You get to work and decide to do a quick Google search after settling in at your desk; best ways to start camping.  And there it is.  The first step to your camping journey….a pop up camper.

 Solving the “I Need a New Vehicle” Problem:  Pop-up campers are generally lightweight and compact when folded down, making them easier to tow and maneuver compared to larger RVs or travel trailers. This makes them suitable for a wider range of vehicles, including smaller cars and SUVs.

Solving the “I’ve Never Towed a Camper” Problem:  Due to their low profile when folded down, pop-up campers have reduced wind resistance and better fuel efficiency compared to larger towable RVs. For the most part, you can also see over them when looking in your rear-view mirror, which makes backing into a campsite easier and seeing what’s around them safer.


Solving the _“I Don’t Have a Place to Store It” Problem:  They are also easier to store and require less space in driveways or storage facilities. When folded down, pop-up campers are relatively compact, making them easier to store in a garage or other storage area compared to larger RVs. Their compact size also allows for greater accessibility in reaching campsites or areas with limited space.


If storage is still an issue, Kunes RV can help.  With several locations on your way from the city to the woods, we can store your camper and have it pulled out and ready for you when you’re ready to escape for the weekend. Our concierge services give you several options to make your pick-up and drop-off hassle-free. We also offer extras like having your water tank filled or emptied, getting your camper washed and even checking tires, batteries or LP. This is what we do! Let us take care of those details for you.

But Are They BIG Enough?  Pop-up campers are deceivingly large.  Once unfolded, pop-up campers provide a surprisingly spacious interior. The canvas walls expand to create additional living space, sleeping areas, and sometimes even slide-out sections for added room. This allows for comfortable sleeping arrangements, dining areas, and lounging spaces.

An Experience Like No Other.  Pop-up campers provide a unique camping experience that allows you to feel closer to nature. The large, screened windows and mesh panels in the canvas walls offer ample ventilation and allow you to enjoy fresh air, all of the sounds of nature, and panoramic views while still providing protection from those pesky bugs. Pop-ups give you the feel of a tent camper while keeping you off the ground and protected from the elements. Nearly all pop-up campers now offer furnaces and even AC units for a more comfortable experience.

They Won’t Break the Bank.  Compared to larger RVs and travel trailers, pop-up campers are generally more affordable, both in terms of the initial purchase price and ongoing maintenance costs. This makes them a great entry point for individuals or families looking to experience camping without a significant financial commitment. For the most part, a pop-up camper will cost you less per day than your daily Starbucks coffee, and in the end, will be better for you as well. 

Are you ready to find out how affordable and comfortable camping in a pop-up camper can be? Check out the variety of pop-up campers we have have Kunes RV. From traditional pop-up campers to hard-sided tear-drop styles to pop-up campers with slides, we can help you find the right camper for your needs. So, trade in your frothy Starbucks drink-money for memories made out in the woods and get ready for your Snapchat stories, and your time away from life’s craziness, to improve!

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