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Prevent RV Leaks with Roof and Sidewall Sealant

Published on Mar 26, 2024 by Talia Mushinsky

RV Roof & Sidewall Sealant: Your Shield Against Leaks

Protect Your RV and Your Adventures

At Kunes RV, we're all about giving you the know-how to keep your RV running smoothly, ensuring nothing interrupts your journey. This time, we're honing in on a crucial but easily forgotten task—upkeeping the sealant on your RV's roof and sidewalls. By dedicating care to this area, you can protect your mobile abode from unwelcome leaks and avoid the hassle and expense of major repairs later.

Roof Maintenance: Seal the Deal

  • Biannual Inspections Are a Must: Twice a year, take a moment to inspect your RV's roof for any signs of wear or damage. Keep an eye out for cracks, tears, or loose sealant, especially around roof appliances like vents, skylights, and air conditioning units. These are prime spots for potential leaks.
  • A Clean Roof is a Happy Roof: Before you dive into inspection or re-sealing efforts, start with a thorough cleaning. A mild detergent and a soft brush can work wonders, helping you spot any issues and ensuring the new sealant sticks properly. Remember, this includes inspection, cleaning, and if needed, touch-up sealing around roof appliances, covering up to one tube of sealant.
  • Time to Re-Seal?: Found some problem areas? Remove the old sealant completely and apply a fresh layer. Choosing the right sealant for your RV's roof material is key. And hey, don't forget - bundling this service with the Complete Package could snag you some savings!
  • Preventative Care: No obvious damage doesn't mean you're off the hook. Applying a UV protectant and doing a sealant touch-up as a preventive measure can save you from future headaches.

Sidewall Savvy: Sealed Tight

  • Regular Checks: Just like the roof, your RV's sidewalls need attention. Inspect the seams and around windows, doors, and storage areas regularly. These spots are leak-prone if the sealant isn't up to snuff.
  • Cleanliness is Next to Godliness: A good scrub with a mild detergent will not only make your RV look spiffy but will also prep the surface for any new sealant, ensuring it adheres well.
  • Sealant SOS: Notice cracks or peeling? It's time for a sealant makeover. Make sure the area's dry, strip away the old sealant, and apply a new layer with the right product for your RV's materials.
  • Mind the Details: Keep an extra close watch on areas where water might collect or different materials meet. These are often the first to show signs of sealing issues.

Why This Matters

  • Pick the Right Products: Always go for sealants and cleaning supplies recommended for your specific RV type.
  • Safety First: Roof work can be risky. Take all necessary precautions to avoid accidents.
  • Get a Pro's Perspective: An annual check-up by a professional can catch things you might miss and help keep your RV in top shape.

Maintaining your RV’s roof and sidewalls is more than a chore; it's an investment in your RV's future, ensuring it stays cozy, dry, and efficient on all your journeys. At Kunes RV Service, we're here to support you with tips, services, and the expertise needed to keep your travels smooth and your RV in pristine condition. 

Looking to schedule a service or need more advice on RV maintenance? Visit us today and let’s keep your RV adventure-ready!

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