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RV Oil Change Service

Published on Mar 25, 2024 by Talia Mushinsky

Keep Your Class C RV Running Smoothly with Kunes RV Service

At Kunes RV, we understand that your home-on-wheels is more than just a vehicle; it's your ticket to adventure. That's why we're here to ensure it keeps running smoothly and efficiently, no matter where the road takes you.

Why Oil Changes are a Big Deal for Your Class C RV

Your Class C RV is a powerhouse, built on a sturdy truck or van chassis, and equipped with an engine that's ready for the long haul. But, like any heavy-duty engine, it needs a little TLC to stay in top shape. One of the simplest, yet most crucial, maintenance tasks you can do? Regular oil changes.

Choosing the Right Oil: Synthetic vs. Conventional

  • Synthetic Oil: It's the superhero of oils, especially for the modern Class C RVs. It keeps your engine happy during those long drives and heavy towing, thanks to its superior performance and longer life span. Before you choose, though, peek at your RV's owner's manual for the specific recommendation for your ride.
  • Oil Weight and Specs: Just like picking the right shoes for a hike, choosing the right oil weight (think 5W-30 or 10W-40) is crucial. It depends on your engine type and the weather you'll be adventuring in. Again, your RV's manual is your best friend here.

How Often Should You Change the Oil?

  • Mileage Matters: The old school of thought was every 3,000 to 5,000 miles for oil changes. But hey, we're in the future now! With synthetic oil, you might be looking at 7,500 to 10,000 miles or more between changes.
  • Time Counts Too: Haven't hit those miles yet? It's still a good idea to change the oil at least once a year. Oil can get old and grumpy, just like us, and doesn't do its job as well.

DIY or Call the Pros?

  • DIY Route: Feeling handy? Changing your RV's oil can be a rewarding project. Just be prepared for a bit more complexity and oil volume than your average car. Safety first, so make sure you can safely access your RV's underside.
  • Leave It to the Experts: Not so into getting your hands dirty? No worries! The pros at Kunes RV are here to help. Our service goes beyond just changing your oil; we'll check your filters, top off your fluids, and give your RV a health check to keep it in tip-top shape.

Extra Bits to Keep in Mind

  • Getting to Your Engine: Sometimes, reaching your engine can feel like a treasure hunt. Each RV is a bit different, so knowing your layout helps.
  • Old Oil Goes Bye-Bye: We care about Mother Nature, so we'll take care of disposing your old oil properly.

Special Situations

Driving through dust storms or going off-road? Your RV might need a little extra love with more frequent oil changes. It's all about keeping that engine purring.

Final Thoughts

Your RV's owner's manual isn't just for decoration—it's packed with golden nuggets of info tailored just for your vehicle. Regular oil changes are the secret sauce to a long-lasting, reliable RV.


Ready for an oil change or got questions? The friendly service team at Kunes RV is always here to help. Let's keep your adventures rolling smoothly!

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