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RV Service Tips: 3 Reasons to Get Your RV Serviced - Kunes RV Blog

Published on Dec 6, 2021 by Kunes RV Team

RV Service Tips: 3 Reasons to Get Your RV Serviced
December 6, 2021 By Kunes RV

With winter just around the corner and the temperatures already dropping low, it’s time to get your RV ready for the winter. At Kunes RV Fox Valley, we provide RV winterization, awning installations, and more! Get your RV ready for winter or serviced for the next year by scheduling your RV service with Kunes RV Fox Valley today.

RV Winterization

Winterizing your RV consists of draining all the tanks and the water system in your RV. The gray and black water tanks both need to be to be completely drained and cleaned. The water heater also need to be drained and bypassed so that you don’t pump any antifreeze into the heater. After the antifreeze has been pumped into your water system and more antifreeze is poured down the drain, your RV is winterized!

Awning Installation

At Kunes RV Fox Valley, we provide high-quality awning installations so that you can get your RV awning replaced quickly and efficiently. Just schedule your appointment today and we’ll help you get your RV set up with a new awning whether it’s a warranty replacement or a replacement part.

Parts and More!

No matter what you need for your RV, at Kunes RV we provide amazing options. Whether you need to order a new part for your RV, accessories to make your RVing trips more comfortable, or any other maintenance, we’re here to help! Just call today and get your RV in ready for the 2022 camping season!

There’s no better time to get your RV in for annual inspections, routine maintenance, replacement parts, and more. Contact us today to book your RV service with Kunes RV Fox Valley. If you’re thinking of trading in your RV for an upgrade, value your trade today!