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RV Tips: 4 Reasons to Travel South for the Winter - Kunes RV Blog

Published on Nov 8, 2021 by Kunes RV Team

RV Tips: 4 Reasons to Travel South for the Winter
November 8, 2021 By Kunes RV

There are many reasons to choose to vacation for a week somewhere warm this winter. If you’re looking for yet another reason to head south, check out these RV tips for spending your winter in warmer weather. So, get ready to load up your Keystone Sprinter Campfire Edition fifth wheel from Kunes RV La Crosse and start planning your mid-winter road trip!

Fewer Crowds

One of the primary reasons to visit many of the southern state’s National Parks and State Parks is the lack of crowds. Many of the parks have fewer visitors during the off-season, which makes it easier to get to the sightseeing destinations on your bucket list. Additionally, the beaches are more open, so you can comfortably spend a day enjoying the sand and sun without the typical bustle of the summer crowd.

Cooler Temperatures

If you plan to visit some of the deserts around the US, winter is an excellent time to do so since the temperatures are much more tolerable. Additionally, the cooler temperatures make it less humid, especially in some of the more swampy locations in Florida and Louisiana. You’ll love getting to see all the beautiful sights without trudging through the muggy air that some of these southern destinations suffer from during the summer months.

Better for Hiking and Outdoor Activities

Whether you love hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, or other outdoor activities, the cooler months are the ideal time to partake in these activities when you’re in the south. Because of the lower temperatures, it’s easier to stay comfortable on a long hike through the trails of a National Park. Another benefit to visiting late in the year is that many pests, like ticks and other bugs, aren’t a problem!

See More Wildlife

You may see fewer ticks, reptiles, and amphibians during the winter in the south, but the rest of the wildlife comes to life when the temperatures drop. You’ll have far more opportunities to get beautiful pictures of the local wildlife when you visit in the fall and winter months.

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