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Published on Feb 16, 2022 by Lisa Rouse

RV Tips: 4 Steps to Dewinterize Your RV
February 16, 2022 By Kunes RV


Getting your RV out of storage and ready to take out to the campground this spring can seem like a daunting task. But these easy RV tips will help you to prep your RV for the campground in an afternoon.


Contact our service department today if you’d rather have the experts handle dewinterization.

Check Your Tires

No matter what type of RV you have, whether it’s a towable or a motorhome, it’s essential to check your tires after bringing it out of storage. You’ll want to check the pressure in all your tires to ensure there are no leaks. Additionally, you should check the tread to ensure you don’t need to get replacement tires before starting out on your trip.

Clear the Water System

If you’re RV has been in storage all winter, you’ll need to clear the water system thoroughly. Any antifreeze in the system to protect your pipes from the cold weather will need to be flushed thoroughly. You can do this by hooking up your RV’s water system and opening all the faucets until the water runs clear.

Check for Leaks on the Exterior

Inspect the roof and all of the slides for any signs of damage from the weather. This can look like water pooling on the roof or any of the seals popping up along the edges. If you notice any of these things, schedule an RV service appointment with our RV service department.

Replace Your Propane

It’s a good idea to check your propane tanks before heading out to the campground. Although most campgrounds offer propane, it’s often at a much higher price than you can get from your local store. You can save big by replacing your tanks before leaving home.

Contact us to make an appointment for RV dewinterization with our RV service department.

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