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RV Tips: 4 Tips for Cold-Weather Camping - Kunes RV Blog

Published on Dec 12, 2021 by Kunes RV Team

RV Tips: 4 Tips for Cold-Weather Camping
December 12, 2021 By Kunes RV

As full-time RVers, my family and I have to know how to keep our RV safe and warm during the colder months. Today, I’m going to share with you my favorite easy ways we stay warm when the temperatures drop. Check out these easy RV tips for insulating your RV and protecting it from damage during cold-weather camping.

1. Windows

We have a two-step process for insulating our windows. First, we use plastic shrink-wrap insulation on all the windows. This is an easy way to give your windows an additional barrier from the cold. Then, we cut bubble foil insulation to fit into each of the windows. The plastic wrap stays on the windows all day, but the foil only goes up at night when we pull the blinds.

2. Protect Your Pipes

This is the most important step to cold-weather camping: protect your pipes. If you can get to your pipes, you can add pip insulation around them, but you’ll also need to monitor the overnight temperatures. We use an RV underskirt to keep our undercarriage warm in the winter; even with that, we still monitor the temperatures every night. If the days are getting up into the 50s and dropping to the 30s at night, your pipes shouldn’t be at risk, as long as the interior of your RV is staying pretty warm. However, if you see temperatures dropping into the 20s or teens, you’ll want to leave a drip on overnight.

3. Put Down Some Rugs

Probably the easiest step in my list of to-dos for staying warm in the winter is putting down some rugs. We prefer fluffy, furry rugs because they are better for insulating the floor, but you can pick any kind of rug that suits your style.

4. Insulating Slides

Lastly, you’ll want to get some foam board insulation for insulating the exterior of your slides. We do this by cutting the boards to shape and fitting them around the slides, connecting the foam with duct tape. This step is only practical if you will be set up for an extended period of time, but it helps to keep the interior of your RV much warmer. Take note: you’ll want to get a very lightweight foam board so that the additional weight around the slide doesn’t damage the mechanisms.

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