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RV Tips: 4 Tips for Cooking Around a Campfire - Kunes RV Blog

Published on Oct 8, 2021 by Kunes RV Team

RV Tips: 4 Tips for Cooking Around a Campfire
October 8, 2021 By Kunes RV

Camping is a great way to bring your family closer together, get some much-needed time outdoors, and recuperate from the daily grind. If you’re planning a trip to the campground, you’ll want to follow these easy RV tips for cooking around a campfire. We’ll show you the best ways to make the most of your campground meals!


Look into Your Campground’s Campfire Policy and Setup

Depending on where you are planning your trip, the campgrounds in the area may have strict fire regulations, especially if it is in a dry zone. Be sure to check the campground’s fire policies before planning your campfire meals, and call ahead if you have any lingering questions. If all else fails, you can cook with your RV’s kitchen or pack a portable stove as a campfire alternative.

Pack Light

It’s a good idea to pack only what you need due to limited refrigerator or pantry space. However, if you have an RV with a residential refrigerator like this Keystone Avalanche fifth wheel from Kunes RV, you’ll be able to pack some extra ingredients and snacks.

Plan Ahead and Prep Ahead

Mealtime at the campground can be a hectic time; that’s why we highly recommend planning your meals ahead of time. You can even do simple things like chopping vegetables before you leave home so that all you have to do is find the baggies of ingredients and dump them into your skillet or Dutch oven. Another way to save space and make breakfast easy is to crack your eggs ahead of time and pour them into a bottle. This allows you to make scrambled eggs easily, and you won’t have to worry about the eggs breaking in transit.

Campfire Cooking Techniques

Cooking over a campfire requires a few simple tools. You’ll want to bring along plenty of heavy-duty aluminum foil, roasting sticks, a Dutch oven, and a cast-iron skillet. You may also want to invest in a flame-safe kettle for making hot water for tea or coffee in the mornings.

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