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Published on Jun 14, 2023 by Kunes RV Team

You glance at the analog clock on your office wall and sigh with relief.  Lunchtime. You punch out on your computer and grab your lunch bag, looking forward to some solitude and the chance to soak up some Vitamin D outside.  It’s not that you don’t enjoy spending time with your co-workers, but it feels like you see them more than your own family most weeks. 

That’s got to change.

As you head out the front doors like an escapee from the local jail, you pause as the sun hits your face and a cool breeze tousles your hair. The breeze carries the smell of burgers cooking on a grill somewhere and you smile to yourself.  The smell floods your thoughts with memories of grilling out over a campfire with your family as a kid. 

As you make yourself comfortable on a bench under the only tree near your building, you pull out your sandwich and stare at the dappled sunlight surrounding you as you eat. Memories continue invade to your thoughts.  You remember the time your dad borrowed a pop-up camper from a friend and loaded you and your four younger sisters into the station wagon. You had never been camping before and were bursting with excitement over this new adventure as the family made its way toward the U.P. of Michigan and the Porcupine Mountains. 

When you got to the campsite your dad cranked and pulled and unfolded the little box that would turn into your home-away-from-home for the next week.  Everyone claimed their sleeping spot and, being the oldest, you got the couch all to yourself.  There was hiking, cooking over the fire, playing on the campground jungle gym, your sisters all piled onto a bed-end playing with Barbies on a rainy afternoon and the sound of crickets and whippoorwills as you drifted off to sleep.

You’ve decided that you want your family to experience ALL those things too.  You open the browser on your phone and search for tent campers for sale near you.  As you flip through the bevy of pictures, you’re amazed at how far they’ve come since you were a kid.  Slides, AC units and even bathrooms can all be packed into these small campers which can be towed behind your SUV.  You wouldn’t even have to get a new vehicle.  You could plan a trip for this weekend!

You skim through a couple of articles on towing and find that it’s easy. And storage is easy too. When folded down, pop-up campers don’t take up a lot of space. You’ll make a call and ask your in-laws if they can keep it at their place. It would even fit into a storage unit if needed. You see that the local dealer also provides storage as well.

As you check off the mental list of things you need to address before you decide to buy a pop-up camper, you find that there are solutions to every “problem” on the list. You’ve already got the vehicle to tow one, because of their small size when folded down, towing is a breeze, the dealership can store it when it’s not being used and it has enough room for the whole family.

You pack up the remnants of your lunch, not even realizing you had polished off the whole thing while deep in thought. You head back inside, excited for the workday to end so you can go shopping for your first camper. Kunes RV …here I come!

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