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The Excitement Continues!

Published on Apr 5, 2023 by Kunes RV Team

As the warm summer months approach, many people are starting to plan their vacations. While some may opt for the traditional beach or city getaway, others are choosing to spend their time outdoors in nature. Camping and RVing have become increasingly popular vacation options, allowing travelers to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and connect with the great outdoors. In fact, a recent report by KOA indicates that 74% of those who camped in 2022 plan to camp again in 2023. While other aspects of travel sometimes falter during downturns in the economy, camping tends to remain resilient. Camping is a lifestyle that many people aren’t willing to compromise on.

Camping has long been a beloved pastime for families and outdoor enthusiasts. Pitching a tent, building a campfire, and cooking meals over an open flame is a timeless experience that has brought people closer to nature for generations. However, with the rise of RVs (recreational vehicles), camping has taken on a new level of comfort and convenience. RVs offer many of the amenities of home, including a kitchen, bathroom, and comfortable sleeping arrangements. Campgrounds continue to step-up when it comes to extra amenities for families and connectivity conveniences such as Wi-Fi.

Planning a camping or RV vacation requires careful consideration and research. There are many factors to consider, including the location, type of campground, and equipment needed. It is important to research the campground thoroughly to ensure it meets your needs and preferences. Some campgrounds may offer activities such as hiking, fishing, or swimming, while others may be more secluded and peaceful. Campgrounds under Wisconsin’s Camping For the Fun Of It cater to families with children by providing special activities and equipment for kids.

When it comes to RVing, there are many different types of vehicles to choose from, ranging from small pop-up campers to large, luxury motorhomes. It is important to consider the size of the RV, as well as the features and amenities it offers. Some RVs may be better suited for families, while others may be more appropriate for couples or solo travelers.

One of the benefits of camping and RVing is the flexibility it offers. Travelers can choose to stay in one location for an extended period or move around and explore different areas. This allows for a more personalized vacation experience and the opportunity to see and experience new things.

While camping and RVing can be a more affordable vacation option than staying in a hotel or resort, it is still important to budget for the trip. There are various costs to consider, including campground fees, fuel for the RV, and equipment. At RVPandA, we sell many of the camping accessories that campers not only need, but want, to make their camping trip a comfortable one. With proper planning and budgeting, camping and RVing can be a memorable and rewarding vacation experience.

With camping season beginning, many people are looking to upgrade their current RV or trading in their unit for one that better meets their camping style. RV Dealerships hold their Spring Open Houses to cater to these buyers. It’s the perfect time to see what’s around and a GREAT price. Dealerships are looking to unload their current stock to prepare for the new-year models that begin to hit lots around early June. Kunes RV has switched from show-season to open-house season as well. You can find a list of dealership spring open houses by clicking here.

In conclusion, camping and RVing have become increasingly popular vacation options for those looking to connect with nature and experience the great outdoors. Whether staying in a tent or an RV, there are many options for comfort and convenience. Proper planning and research are essential to ensure a successful and enjoyable camping or RV vacation. With the right preparation, camping and RVing can offer a unique and personalized vacation experience for families and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

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