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Published on Jun 16, 2023 by Kunes RV Team

You constantly glance at the wall clock in your office. You’re so excited to head to the dealership after work that you can hardly concentrate on the tasks in front of you.

The end of the workday finally comes, and you bolt out of the office. You jump in your SUV and head to Kunes RV. You already know what you’re going to look at when you get there. The Viking Legend 2485SST has everything you need with a dinette slide, AC and even a wet bath.

As you walk into the dealership, you’re greeted by someone at the counter, and they pair you up with one of the salespeople.  You head outside to look at the pop-up camper you had already looked at online.  Stepping up inside and peering around causes a flood of childhood memories of that one camping trip to Upper Michigan.  From that moment, you know that will be the first trip you take as a family.

The salesperson points out the features, but you’re already sold.  You know that it checks off the list of things you need in a camper and fits your family’s situation perfectly.  

Your salesperson works with you on pricing and then sends you to meet with finance.  Everything is happening so fast but is going so smoothly that you can hardly believe this is real.  You could be camping by this weekend.

Before you leave the dealership, you have an appointment to finish up the paperwork AND pick up the camper on Friday. You get back into your vehicle and take a deep breath. The anticipation and excitement are almost palpable. You pull out of the parking lot and head for home. It’s time to start planning for your first camping trip as a family. Let the adventure, and all of the memories that come with it, BEGIN!

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