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Published on Jun 9, 2023 by Kunes RV Team

You plop down into your office chair and listlessly kick your bag underneath your desk. The girl in the cubical next to you is chewing something crunchy. Carrots? Who eats carrots at 9:00 in the morning? Whatever it is…it’s loud. Someone across the room is recounting a story from their weekend vacation up north; loud enough that you can hear every detail. You smirk, but privately push down the envy as you listen to them.

You glance around at your gray workspace and the feeble attempt you’ve made to make it more bearable. The plant in the corner needs to be watered. Your family vacation photo is outdated. And you haven’t flipped your desk calendar over to June yet-probably some subconscious realization that you have nothing planned for the summer.

A Zoom meeting notification pops up on your screen as you hear your department manager heading your way, expecting the morning reports. You audibly sigh and utter, “I just need some space!”

The tap-tap-tap of computer keyboards comes to a halt and whispers are heard throughout the office.  Did you just say that out loud?

Obviously, you need to get away. And finding some space to unwind and relax doesn’t have to be expensive. Pop-up campers give you an incredible feeling of being outdoors, while keeping you out of the elements.

If the idea of zipping open a nylon shell, crawling into a tent and then sleeping on the ground doesn’t thrill you, pop-up campers are a great alternative. They are deceivingly spacious inside when opened. A dinette allows you to sit for a meal or a game of cards. There is usually a spot to sit or lounge. Two large bed ends open up giving you a place to sleep in comfort while still listening to the night sounds that make camping so enjoyable.

Many people have misconceptions about pop-up campers. They think of them as hot and stuffy with few options to make them feel like their own. Most modern pop-up campers come with AC and furnaces. And the space can be personalized in so many ways.

The finish line for your race for space is at Kunes RV. We can help you find the perfect pop-up camper for your next weekend (or week) up north. Stop in at one of our 13 dealerships and we’ll show you how easy it is to pack up, hook up and get away from it all. The best part is that you can do it all for less than $180/month.

So, when you’ve decided that you need your space, we’re here to help your camping adventures begin!

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