Shaking Up RV Life: Kunes Auto & RV Group's Game-Changing Camp Critical Program

Hey there, adventure seekers! Big news from Kunes Auto & RV Group – we're flipping the script on the RV game with our brand-new Camp Critical Program. Led by our RV division head, Ron Baker, this isn't just another set of changes; it's like having a helping hand for your RV journey.

Camp Critical Program Highlights

"No Drop" Express RV Service

Tired of the hassle of getting your RV serviced? Us too! That's why we're introducing the "No Drop" Express RV Service. Your trailer can now get fixed while still hitched to your ride. Our cool mobile vans roll up, fix things on the spot, and let you get back to the fun ASAP.

This is applicable to light service work and does not apply to more heavy cosmetic or service work.

"You didn't break it? We will fix it."

Ever had warranty issues dragging on forever? Not with us! We're committed to sorting out warranty problems upfront, no waiting around for manufacturer approval. It's all about getting you back on the road without the unnecessary downtime.

If you go camping 90 to 120 days after you buy an RV from us, bring it in and we'll get it fixed in no time.

RV Run-through QR Code Sheet

Learning the ropes of your RV got you scratching your head? Say hello to our RV Run-through QR Code Sheet! Just scan the code, and voila – instant access to how-to videos for your RV. We're making post-purchase life a breeze with this digital guide.

Ron Baker, our RV guy, puts it best: "We're not just tweaking things; we're giving the RV world a friendly nudge. The Camp Critical Program is all about making your RV experience smoother and simpler."

Read More about Camp Critical Here:

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Like this feature? See all vehicles with

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