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Kunes RV Division Launches Groundbreaking Customer-Centric Initiatives for 2024

Published on Jan 23, 2024 by Kunes PR Team

Camp Critical Program Revolutionizes RV Sales and Service, Enhances Customer Experience

DELAVAN, WI (January 23, 2024) –– Kunes Auto & RV Group, with more than 40 auto and RV dealerships spanning the Midwest, today unveiled a new program for its RV division that aims to get RVs and their owners where they want to be -- back on the road and at campgrounds, not waiting for parts and service. Championed by Kunes’ new RV division head, Ron Baker, the Camp Critical Program is overhauling the customer sales and service experience with a first-of-its-kind initiative that reinvents RV ownership from the time-of-purchase and spanning the entire life of the RV.

"We understand how frustrating repairing RV issues are and want to eliminate that burden for our customers upfront,” said Ron Baker, COO of the RV Division at Kunes Auto & RV Group. “Our new initiative focuses on taking full responsibility for the Kunes customer experience. Too often teams blame issues on the industry, manufacturers and other external players and that’s not a solution. At its core, it's about Kunes proactively owning the relationship and ensuring positive outcomes for its customers.”

Kunes RV revealed the first three in a series of pioneering initiatives for 2024, solidifying its commitment to exceptional customer service and satisfaction. These initiatives are designed to make the RV experience more convenient, efficient and enjoyable for RV owners.

1. "No Drop” Express RV Service

Traditionally, RV service requires units to be unhooked from the towing vehicle – a time-intensive process. Kunes’ new ”No Drop,” Express RV Service allows trailers to be serviced while still attached to the towing vehicle, using mobile vans equipped to fix issues on-site, letting customers continue their camping experience with minimal interruption, significantly reducing service time.

2. “You didn’t break it? We will fix it.”

In line with its proactive customer service ethos, Kunes RV is committed to addressing issues within warranty upfront. Repairing RV issues within the warranty without waiting for manufacturer approval minimizes downtime and builds customer trust.

3. RV Run-through QR Code Sheet

Learning to operate an RV and all its parts takes time and varies by vehicle. Kunes RV’s innovative QR code system provides instant access to a comprehensive library of how-to videos for each RV. This digital guide simplifies RV operation and maintenance, enhancing the post-purchase experience for Kunes customers. "The conversation at the campground will be worth every dollar invested in this program,” says Baker. “I want the Kunes customer to have such a positive experience that they can’t help but tell their fellow campers.”

For more information about Kunes Auto & RV Group and to find your nearest RV dealership, visit kunesrv.com.  

About Kunes Auto & RV Group

Founded in 1996 in Delavan, Wisconsin, Kunes Auto Group has since grown to over 40 locations spanning across the Midwest. Previously Kunes Country, Kunes Auto & RV Group lives up to its motto –– Faith, Family, and Giving Back –– by employing over 1,800 people and donating 10% of its yearly net profits to local charities.

Kunes' dedication to its employees, customers, and communities is shown through its countless “Automotive News’ Best Dealerships to Work For” awards, which are given to 100 dealers nationwide every year. Kunes receives as many as 10 such awards each year with over 30 total awards dealership-wide. For more information, visit the website. 

Julia Trachsel, Interdependence PR

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